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Using your browser to control cookies

Most browsers allow you to view, manage, delete and block cookies for a website. Be aware that if you delete all cookies then any preferences you have set will be lost, including the ability to opt-out from cookies as this function itself requires placement of an opt out cookie on your device. Guidance on how to control cookies for common browsers is specified below.

Cookies on this site

The following table explains how we use cookies on this site.


The utag_main cookie is a cookie set by Tealium to enable us to use their tag manager solution.

The utag_main cookie is a 1st-party cookie provided by Tealium. This cookie is used to record a time stamp of when you visit to our site has started, the number of pages you have viewed, the number of visits you have had to our site and a unique ID.

This information is used within our analytics tools to enrich the data we’re collecting about your visit on the website to help us understand our visitors usage of the site to provide a better user experience.

Google AnalyticscookiesjsrSave cookie consent choices.
Google Analytics_gaUsed to distinguish users.
Google Analytics_gidUsed to distinguish users.